Federal Employee Benefits Consultants


Why Attend Federal Benefits Training?


The federal benefits program is the most comprehensive and complex package of employee benefits in America.  The acronyms alone are enough to confuse many federal workers.  Do you know how much income you will need in retirement?  What retirement benefits can you expect to receive under CSRS or FERS?  How will taxes affect your benefits?  Should you buy back your military time?  What is the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)?  These are just a few of the many questions we will answer.  A rewarding retirement does not just happen; it takes careful planning. 

Customized Seminars


FEBC provides seminars customized to the needs of the federal agency and the career stage of the employees.  From early career workshops to pre-retirement, we have a seminar to address the unique issues of every federal worker, including law enforcement and air traffic controllers. 


Outstanding Reference Material


The Federal Benefits Almanac is considered by many government HR offices to be the single most reliable, condensed source of benefit information available today.  The Almanac is an independent, annually up-dated reference guide to federal employee benefits, which we distribute alongside our materials to federal agencies and seminar attendees.


Personalized Benefit Analysis


FEBA, Federal Employee Benefit Analysis, is our highly sophisticated software package that provides federal employees with an objective means to assess, evaluate and implement sound retirement strategies.  This analysis will graphically demonstrate how an employee can maximize the benefits they already have, provide a glimpse into the future, and supply an employee with valuable planning tools to increase their retirement income potential.


Retirement Planning Advisors


Our Consultants are skilled retirement planners and financial advisors who continuously undergo rigorous educational training on federal benefits and retirement systems.  Together with the employee, our consultant will develop a comprehensive plan for retirement that fully addresses the retirement goals, needs and concerns of the employee.  And, our consultants can assist employees in obtaining and managing best-in-class financial products and services.  Our understanding of the federal bureaucracy is unequaled.  For many employees who are attempting to navigate the complexities of the federal benefits system, the knowledge and assistance we provide is invaluable to implementing their financial plans.