Federal Employee Benefits Consultants

Seminar Topics

Retirement Systems

     Civil Service Retirement System            Federal Employees Retirement System

     CSRS Offset                                      FERS Transfer

     Disability Retirement                           LEO, ATC and Firefighter Retirement

     Early Retirement                                Computation of Retirement Annuity

     Deposits and Redeposits                      Survivor Benefit Plan

     Re-employed Annuitants


Social Security

     FERS Social Security “Supplement”        Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)

     How to Estimate Payments and Tax       Social Security Retirement Tables


Federal Employees Health Benefits

     5-Year Window Before Retirement          Post-retirement FEHB

     Survivor Benefit Plan and FEHB


Thrift Savings Plan

     Contribution Limits                              Maximizing Accumulation

     Fundamental Plans for Investing            Using the L-Funds

     History and Market Strategies               Loans and Their Effect

     Withdrawal Options


Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance

     Overview of Coverage                         Individual Examples

     Five Categories of Coverage                 Cost Associated with Coverage

     Beneficiary Designation                        Calculation, Function, Reduction


Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program